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When you can’t eat with us at The Bricks, then take it on the run. A few clicks away and your order will be ready in no time. Don’t hesitate to give us a call as we love to serve up some real human conversation too!.

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Need the updates on what’s cooking in our kitchen and being served up at the bar? Well, be sure to follow us on instagram and be our friend on facebook @thebricksybor. Our latest and greatest insta posts are here, but we dare you to dive in deeper. We do get intimate, so be sure to leave a post in any fashion so we can get acquainted.

  • 8 years being in business makes you think about friends who have helped along the way. The Bricks wouldn’t be where we are now with out people like @baseballbethbeer and all the rad beers she has helped us discover over the years. Catch some @floridaavebrewing Berliners this Saturday when we celebrate 8 Years with all the people who helped get us here.
  • Mondays are rough, but wine makes everything better. It’s happy hour all night tonight, so stop in for a $3.50 glass.
  • Don’t miss @sunsigns_ play our Grateful 8 Year Anniversary this Saturday!
  • Showing love to the neighborhood! Shout out to @lafranceybor hope you enjoyed your lunch today! Happy Monday! #lovethyneighbor
  • Tomorrow might be Monday, but the weekend isn’t over yet. Stop in for $7 classic cocktails all night long, and drink up every last bit of your Sunday.
  • It’s the final countdown! 8yr Anniversary Party 8/18/18. w/ the return of Ronnie! ::AIRHORNS:: @r_wyche
  • The Ron Swanson: messy eggs, chopped steak, mozzarella, sautéed onions & red pepper, on a brioche bun. #bricksbrunch
  • Drink Specials!
Hawaiian Hunch Punch
featuring @santateresarum
Moves like Jager
featuring @jagermeister


It’s safe to say our events are one of a kind and are always keeping the community on its toes. With our association to SPoT (Skatepark of Tampa), you can bet you will have more than a restaurant experience when you attend. Posted here are the most current events and get in touch with us so yours can be next!

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