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When you can’t eat with us at The Bricks, then take it on the run. A few clicks away and your order will be ready in no time. Don’t hesitate to give us a call as we love to serve up some real human conversation too!.

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Need the updates on what’s cooking in our kitchen and being served up at the bar? Well, be sure to follow us on instagram and be our friend on facebook @thebricksybor. Our latest and greatest insta posts are here, but we dare you to dive in deeper. We do get intimate, so be sure to leave a post in any fashion so we can get acquainted.

  • Abstract Afternoon is making a comeback. This is milk and our "almost illegal" cold brew mixin' up to keep you awake all day. -@reimundo
  • #sohipster 😎🤡🤖👽👾
It's President's Day. Come hang with us if you got the day off.
  • This week try "The Last Don." Italian sausage, green peppers & onions, and a sun-dried tomato wrap all topped with melted white cheddar and house pizza sauce. #messy @r_wyche
  • @dredaytampa was a success. Thanks @moonsovermysammy  @queenofybor @dreamsforfree @mikemassmusic @pbr_se @jinx813 @ichicoroya  #cripwalk #winner
  • Brunch at The Bricks! Our breakfast bowl this weekend is roasted red potato, ground chorizo, red pepper, onion, cheddar, chipotle aioli and a fried egg. -@reimundo
  • The Big Italy 🇮🇹 House burger, balsamic portobello caps, house bruschetta, pesto aioli, and mozzarella. Try one this weekend! @r_wyche
  • It's about to go down! Preps are underway for tomorrow's Dre Day! Doors at 10pm.
  • @dashboardconfessional is @theritzybor tonight...so we will be playing this album on repeat all night. Just kidding but great jams all night and $3 off all house cocktails. Open till 1am unless @chris_carrabba shows up and hangs then we rage.

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Our Mission

The Bricks began July 2010 in historic Ybor city. it’s diversity in culture and food was inspired by it’s predecessor Skatepark of Tampa, which was established in 1993. SPoT, located only 3 miles away, delivers a unique experience within skateboarding shared throughout the world. It’s style and delivery has been adopted throughout The Bricks. We serve creative recipes, locally roasted coffee, classic cocktails and a lot of everything for all to enjoy. it’s delivered with a bit of edginess, class, love, but most of all, an experience you won’t find anywhere else. The Bricks sincerely thanks you for your support.



It’s safe to say our events are one of a kind and are always keeping the community on its toes. With our association to SPoT (Skatepark of Tampa), you can bet you will have more than a restaurant experience when you attend. Posted here are the most current events and get in touch with us so yours can be next!