Bricks Life!


“Ybor is as progressive as the north while maintaining that southern hospitality and charm.”


Brittney and Rachael are the poster girls for Brick’s life or just Ybor life in general. Brittney has been part of the family since day one and Rachael for the last two years. If any of you have been served by them or simply partied with them around town, you know what great spirits they are.

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to these ladies as they both leave us this week. The Bricks and the whole Tampa community will miss these beauties as they embark on new adventures. Follow them on social media @dreamsforfree and @rachael_trent.

For Brittney, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Ybor is one big party with all your friends. Tampa is a community of many colors that quickly become family! Rachael loves that she can just go anywhere on her day off, with no plans, and always find something to do. No one is a stranger in Tampa. Britt will take Ybor dance life, the colorful way of life, and the melting pot vibes to New York. Meanwhile Racheal will take Ybor’s eclectic and excepting spirit as she gets on a train and goes north…with no final destination in mind.

Both will miss the culture of our city and the family atmosphere. Britt has worked at least four skate comps between TampaAm and Pro and hopes to walk in local spots in New York and instantly feel at home, just as she does when coming into the Bricks.

Please stop in this week and wish ours girls a happy farewell. TIPS! They will always have a home at Bricks and in the Ybor/Tampa community. Much Love.

PS! The Kitten Den lives on! #OGkittens