Arts & Atmosphere

Year of the Rooster

Our first art show of 2017 celebrated the Chinese New Year, which coincidently is in it’s rooster cycle. This “theme” was oh so appropriate for Ybor because the rooster has always been the unofficial mascot of this historic district. These majestic birds roam 7th, haunting cars and patrons as they peck through the streets without abandon.

In the medium of their choice, local artist interpreted the rooster, China, the new year, and Ybor City through explorations in color and their own personal style. Check out the show on display for the next month, and be on the look out for the next art show at the Bricks!


Bricks’ regular and local artist, Cheryl, chose bright colors to explore her cartoonish take on Ybor’s mascot. Follow her on Instagram @jujmo !


Dinner service went uninterrupted as enthusiast checked out the show.



Just 6 of the 17 pieces skateboard lover, Travis Trillions (@trillionsandcounting), created using old skate decks to celebrate the year 2017.


DJ Q Phunk captured the night’s vibes perfectly through music.


Ashely Cantero ( took a gothic approach with this moody painting. #eyeliner


Finally, Justin Wager (@justinwagner), took a contrasting serene blue approach to capture the normally feisty rooster.