Emo Night July 2018

Photos from 80s Prom 2018 featuring tunes from DJ Cub, Handsome Scoundrels, and WOLF FACE! All photos courtesy of Riley Alexander  

Year of the Rooster Our first art show of 2017 celebrated the Chinese New Year, which coincidently is in it’s rooster cycle. This “theme” was oh so appropriate for Ybor because the rooster has always been the unofficial mascot of this historic district. These majestic birds roam 7th, haunting cars and patrons as they peck… read more

AMOS PAUL KENNEDY, JUNIOR was a successful computer programmer for AT&T when he saw a printing press at colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, and stopped in his tracks. At age 40, he decided that his corporate life was over. He had found his calling, he says, as a printer and provocateur. He now runs a highly regarded… read more

  Cheers to Irish whiskey and Teeling! Today we lunched and learned about a great product now on our back bar. Lunch included the Irish classic shepherd’s pie which was followed by house bread pudding soaked in Teeling whiskey. As for what we learned, well, after sampling so many great batches, I’ll try to cover what… read more