Lunch & Learn with Teeling Irish Whiskey



Cheers to Irish whiskey and Teeling! Today we lunched and learned about a great product now on our back bar. Lunch included the Irish classic shepherd’s pie which was followed by house bread pudding soaked in Teeling whiskey.

As for what we learned, well, after sampling so many great batches, I’ll try to cover what we remember. Our teacher, a brand ambassador form Ireland, warned us most to remember “the Irish invented whiskey, kilts, and bagpipes and don’t let the Scotts tell you otherwise.”

All jokes aside, Teeling Small Batch is a great addition to the Bricks. It is 92 proof (you’ll feel great!) and finished in rum cask. These cask allow more tropical fruits to come through. This “lunch time” Irish whisky also blends well with craft cocktails without losing it’s distinct character. Something uncharacteristic for most other brands.

Check out and be sure to stop in to try Teeling Small Batch, Single Grain, and Single Malt. After today our bartenders can answer all your questions about Teeling, give you a great oral history on the origin of Irish whisky, and stir you up an awesome cocktail.

Be on the look out for more Lunch & Learn post.